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Southern BC is home to hundreds of old gold mines with names that acknowledge the region’s past exploration. One, called Jackpot, inspired us. Evoking the joy of winning a hard-earned prize, it made a fitting title for our top wines – the reward for our hard work in the vineyard and cellar.
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A gentle giant— spice and smoke meet balanced fruit and oak.

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Brimming with plum, black cherry, and cigar tobacco, this beautifully crafted wine lives at the intersection of balance, power, and elegance. 

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Biscuity notes and ripe red delicious apple and pear on the nose are followed by a lively, persistent bubble and flavours of ripe apple, white peach, and KeyLime pie. Pairs well with popcorn, parties and promotions. 

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Celebrate BIG with the Magnum-sized bottle of our Jackpot Sparkling Chenin Blanc! 

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This rich and refined wine has a balanced, vibrant acidity and a long, refreshing finish.

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The palate is rich with great depth of flavour from the old vines and the great terroir of the Home Vineyard with its Ratnip soil.

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Vibrant nose that showcases classic and complex aromas of black currant, cherry, lavender with powerful structure and silky mouth feel. 

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